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The Lobby offers a fine selection of wild and organic food of the Nordic region by Juris Dukalskis and Eriks Dreibants, Head Chefs of Restaurant 3. We will recommend the wine that best compliments any meal you choose. Our bar holds exceptional collection of wine, spirits and cocktails as well as cigars.


The Lobby Menu



Specially selected types of exclusive and elegant champagne available in The Lobby bar.



Specially selected red and white wine available in The Lobby bar



De Montal has long been one of the leading Armagnac producers in the region. As a result of long maturation in the old oak barrels, masters of De Montal manage to produce an unbelievably soft and silky Armagnac, full with aroma of cinnamon, violets and dried fruits. The Lobby bar offers Armagnac of your year of birth or any year of your choice between 1897- 2005.


Alcohol consumption has a negative impact on your health.