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The club

The Lobby is the first membership only business and networking club in Riga, exclusive to selected individuals who represent the highest achievements in business, culture, diplomacy and politics. Together with our partner communities we are proud of a unique where-to-meet place that combines success, inspiration, luxury. The spirit of The Lobby is in its variety as success relies on joining different stories and taking inspiration from each of them. As a member of The Lobby, you will join exclusive events and be granted numerous of permanent luxury benefits as well as experience an unparalleled atmosphere that offers a modern art collection, exquisite cuisine, and service that will exceed your expectations. The first location for The Lobby opens its doors to members in June 2017 in Riga.

Code of conduct

Our dress code is formal with a flair for the creative.
Guests are always welcome, but are expected to conduct themselves appropriately.
Members are free to use their mobile phones and other devices, while never disturbing the peace and privacy of other guests.
Smoking is permitted on the rooftop terrace.